Lonely Souls

I’ve traveled down some long and lonely roads.  Once in a while I consider just how far out of the way I am.  And, what would I do if I broke down or needed help.

On this particular day, the dog and I were rolling east in Montana.  We’d  left the Rocky Mountains behind and reached the prairie land of Eastern Montana.  It was a long, mostly straight road that went on for countless miles and hours it seemed.  Way up in the distance I saw what appeared to be civilization.  It was a building sitting atop of a small hill.  As I got closer I realized it was a church all by itself in the middle of miles and miles of undisturbed prairie.

The church was long ago abandoned.  But, I saw signs the cemetery was still in use.  It was on Native American Land and the grave markers had family names like Longknife and Soldier and given names like Laughing girl.

Happening upon this deserted holy ground as I did left me with a strange feeling.  I couldn’t help but wonder about all the lonely souls.

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