A brief update after returning from RoadTour 2018

I have yet to get caught up with all my to-do items upon returning home.  But, I’m making progress.  So much that I have been able to sit down and begin to review some of the images I captured while on the road.  I have a lot of them to evaluate before I decide if I will offer any for sale.

I do want to share this one though.  I was standing beside the White River in Washington State at Mount Rainier. It was 03:30 local time.  The Milky Way appeared to be rising up out of the ancient volcano which was back lit from the moon which had set not long before I arrived.

I enjoyed shooting this scene. It is especially enjoyable when I can park my motorhome (MOBI) right next to where I’m shooting and enjoy hot coffee while I work. 🙂

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